Aircraft Review: 757-200 by Tikibar (John Williams)

Here is the first of several aircraft reviews!

The 757-200 by Tikibar and Juuso Tapaninen may be downloaded here.


Exterior Model

The 757-200 has a very nice exterior model, complete with animations and some extra details. It is a quite heavy model; however, frame rates are not too bad. It does not h4starsave some details which would make it complete, such as winglet options; however, I would rate it at a 4 out of 5. Thanks, Mr Tapaninen, for your hard work in this area!

American Airlines old livery 757


As you can see, there are some nice liveries. Others include British Airways, Condor, Delta, and Thomas Cook; all the liveries are quality productions, and very nice. Despite that, a greater variety would be nice; perhaps a modern Delta and United?

Interior Model: Cockpit and Cabin

Very nice, again. Completely modelled and textured, with all the little details. There are many clickable switches. The windows open. There is a toilet door. Need I say more?


Rating: 4 / 5. A fully clickable cockpit would be nice.4stars


Fairly complete. Most of the overhead works, including the ADIRU. Everything works as expected.
Rating: 4.5 / 5. Not complete; some more work would be nice. Personally, I would like the minimums input control to accept something lower than 200 and to scroll faster.


Navigation, CDU, and Autopilot

The 757 has a canvas ND and a (I think!) non-canvas PFD. The autopilot works as expected, except for the VNAV which doesn’t climb or descend to cross a waypoint at the correct altitude, but instead engages FLCH if I recall correctly. The LNAV functions work correctly, and the entire autopilot works correctly. There is no autoland capability, which is sad whenever one faces Cat II conditions, since the autopilot disconnects at 200 feet. The CDU shows takeoff speeds, which seem accurate enough, and allows for basic route input capability. However, it does not do much else and is not as complete as the A330.
Rating: 3/5. A working VNAV and complete CDU would certainly make it much better. Autoland would be nice; so would autopilot disconnect at minima.3-out-of-5-stars



I have never flown a 757 as a pilot, but this seems to act correctly. It is nice and powerful, and acts like a heavy beast, but is surprisingly agile at the same time.

Rating: 5/5



The 757-200 by Tikibar has three variants — the C-32A VIP, the Rolls Royce, and the Pratt Whitney. It has some minor issues; yet it is one of the best developed airliners in FlightGear.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5 🙂


Nice job, Mr Williams and Mr Tapaninen!