Leaving for Miami / Fort Lauderdale on Monday — going to have to do some exams by Friday, so won’t really have time to post.

But anyway.
I’ve got an aircraft project in the back of my mind 🙂
Hint — Helijah already made it, and it is a jet.

We’re booked on AA968 CCS-MIA on the 29th — Economy Basic — don’t think we fly First Class every time! We certainly do not — those trip reports of LH were just one of a time things.



D-ECHO in a Citation X over the Maldives

Hey folks!

I have a new custom scenery to share with you:

The awesome Maldives custom scenery by D-ECHO!

Here’s a wonderful screenshot which D-ECHO took:hct3aii

And here’s the link to the forum topic:

757-200 extreme crosswinds: Best 5 screenshots

fgfs-screen-004.pngFirst: a shot of the METAR. It’s really going to be six screenshots.

fgfs-screen-007.pngOn short final: quite an extensive crab, which further increased later. As you can see, at that point, I had pretty much 3/5 left aileron, and keeping level. It was… gusty.

fgfs-screen-008.pngrough touchdown

fgfs-screen-010.pngTrying to get to the runway…

fgfs-screen-011.png Not going to end well

fgfs-screen-013.pngOr this either…

Good news!

Well, regarding internet…

She’s going fine today. I hope it lasts.

Right, where do I start?


Heathrow T4 is now modelled and textured. The layout is ready to generate! All well.

Gatwick… well, progress is slow, but I get a little every day.

I recently developed an LGCIU (Landing Gear Control and Indication Unit) system — very basic — for the Airbus A330. The gear system is complete, except for the boring task of animating the gear door indications on the MLG, and the more interesting job of alternate gear.

I also plan to work on the transponder: Daweed and CaptB are revising the flightdeck — it’s going well and lookin’ better! Just some things which need systems associated with them.

D-ECHO and I have been busy with the Pottier 130Ul. Thanks a lot, Oliver, for the 3D model! This aircraft is already in FGMEMBERS and will be in FGADDON very shortly.

I have a little idea regarding a video… let me contact Foxtrot15 🙂


Cessna 182, 152, and 172
Heiko, the Cessna 172P development team, the ‘152’ guy whose name escapes me, and Gilberto are all doing excellent work here. The screenshots are absolutely stunning. As always, Gilberto’s textures are amazing. Grand job, mate!

This is in the final stages — can’t wait to see it!

Tikibar and, er, um, uh, what’s his name…. was it papa something?

Let me go check.

Yep, Jormapappa something or other… I guess ‘legoboyvdlp’ is wierd to some, but I sure wish some people would choose nicknames easier to remember!

Anyway, the two have done amazing work on the 757-300 – a new variant, which is already in FGADDON, and coming to FGMEMBERS. Lovely work!

Slipped my mind above. Can’t be bothered to go back and fix it.
Well, it’s in the early beta stages – v0.9.1 has been released at
Ludovic Brenta is helping with FGADDON stuff — thanks — and he suggests merging it into one master 787, just like the 757.

Real World

Venezuela crazy as always.

US – Cuba flights
The two governments will sign papers Tuesday, allowing commercial flights. Read more at Reuters.

Prince George loves planes!
Pleeeeeease, Curt, can we send him FlightGear 2016.2, full world scenery, and the latest aircraft?
Awwww, so cute. I like that wee lad.

Happy Sunday!

Internet crazy…

I sincerely apologize for my lack of posting. My internet has been awful recently, and it is as much as I could do to wait three minutes for a single forum page to load, never mind even slower upload speeds. Well, anyway, I’ll be writing drafts ,and publishing them internet permitting. 🙂

To be quite honest, it took thirty seconds to publish this text only post, with about fifty words. I published five hundred word posts with lots of images in ten.